Efficiently Cooling Your House

When warmer weather is approaching, you want to get your home ready by making any upgrades you need to keep your home cooled as efficiently as possible. Follow the tips in this article to cut down on those up and coming cooling expenses.

Replace worn weather stripping and thresh holds

Check the weather stripping around your doors and windows. If it shows signs of excessive wear, then you are going to want to replace it. Luckily, this is something you can do on your own to save yourself some money. After removing the old stripping and cleaning the surface, use a stick on weather stripping to replace the old ones you removed. Pull off the backing off the sticky side of the new stripping and press it firmly into place.

Remove the thresholds from doors where they are pushed down enough to allow air to seep through and put new ones in place. This simply requires you to unscrew the screws to lift the threshold out and lay down the new one. Insert the new screws and tighten them. 

Use your windows correctly

Generally, the mornings in most regions are cooler and can have nice breezes. Use this to your benefit by opening a main window on one part of the house, as well as a window across from that window. This will give you a nice cross breeze that will bring cool air into the house. As soon as it starts heating up outside, shut those windows and blinds, trapping that cool air in your home. Leave the windows shut all day with the air conditioner on until the evening cools, then you can repeat the process to bring in the evening coolness.

Roll up your rugs and put them away

When summer sets in, roll up and store your rugs. When you walk on your hard flooring, you may notice that it always feels cool. This can help you to invite more coolness in your house since the rugs will hold in any heat in the room.

Try to do more outdoor barbecuing

You should try to barbecue as much as possible when you are trying to keep your house cooled down. Not only will you be able to enjoy the outdoors, but you will also avoid heating up the inside of your house by having the oven and stove on, which can produce quite a bit of heat. It may be worth your while to invest in a propane barbecue that has several burners. This way, you can cook an entire meal outside.

Following the tips you learned in the above article will help to create a more comfortable environment without needing to put more of a workload on your air conditioner.

For more tips and information, or for assistance in repairing your air conditioner and improving its efficiency, talk with an air conditioning maintenance service or click here.