3 Air Conditioning Solutions To Add Cooling To Your Home Quickly

With the summer heat, you may be thinking about installing AC if you have a home without cooling or your air conditioner is down for the count. Conventional wisdom may be to have a force air system installed, but this can be costly and take time. If you want to have cooling quickly, there are other options such as ductless AC. Here are some options to consider when you need an AC installed as quickly as possible:

1. Installing A Ductless AC For A Quick And Efficient Solution

If you want to have an AC that is more like a conventional AC, ductless air conditioning can be an option that you want to consider. Since these systems do not require the installation of ducts, they can be installed a lot faster than conventional forced-air systems. In addition, the fewer materials and less labor needed to install them can help reduce the cost of the installation of your new air conditioning. They can also be more efficient since there are no ducts for energy to be lost.

2. Using A Portable Unit For A Quick Temporary Solution To Your Cooling Needs

You may just need to have a temporary solution for your AC. This may be something to get you through the summer until you can have your AC repaired or replaced. There are window units that you can get for these needs, or you may want to consider a portable AC. A portable AC may be a good choice if you have an area like a garage or shop where you can use the AC when you have the main AC in your home repaired.

3. Installing An Evaporative Cooler For Efficient Cooling In Dry Climates

Dry climates can be a good place to use an alternative to conventional HVAC systems. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to consider an evaporative cooler to keep your home cool this summer. These are systems that use water to cool; as the water evaporates, it cools the air that is distributed in your home. Today, there are even combination systems that have an evaporative cooler and conventional air conditioner combined into the design of a single system.

These are some options that you may want to consider for your home when you need to have an AC installed as quickly as possible. You can contact a heating and air conditioning contractor, like Nebraska Heating & Air, to get help with the installation and repairs for your AC needs this summer.