Summer Is Coming: 4 Ways To Keep Your Cooling Costs Reasonable

With summer coming on, you are probably thinking about how high your cooling bills are going to go. Generally, the higher the temperatures outside, the higher your cooling bills. So what can you do to help keep those bills down while still staying cool?

Dark Curtains

One thing that you can do is hang dark curtains in all your windows, especially those that get the most sunlight. If you make sure that they stay closed, the dark curtains will block the sun's light and stop radiant heat from heating up your house.

Clean the Air Conditioner

Before the summer's heat really starts going, you should make sure that your air conditioner is nice and clean. That means making sure the condenser isn't blocked by grass or weeds and that the condenser coils are free of dust and dirt. You can spray it down with your garden hose to get rid of any dirt and debris. If the coils are blocked or dirty, it will make your air conditioner work harder. You also want to replace or clean out the filters. Just like the condenser coils, dirty filters will block the air from getting where it needs to be, and the air conditioner will produce less cool air for the same amount of work. 

Use Fans

Another thing you can do to keep your cooling bills down is to use fans. While fans don't actually change the temperature in a room, they do move the air around. Circulating the air in your room will help you feel cooler because it can help evaporate the sweat on your skin, lowering your body temperature. If you place a fan in front of the air conditioner or air conditioning vent, it can give the cool air coming out a boost so that it can get further and more dispersed into the room. 

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Another option is to install a programmable thermostat. With this kind of thermostat, you can program your air conditioner so that it doesn't produce as much cool air when no one is around. Then it can start cooling again shortly before you come home. That way you are coming home to a nice cool house, but not wasting any money cooling an empty house. 

The outside temperatures may rise, but if you use the right strategies, your cooling bill doesn't have to go up with them. For more ideas on how to keep your AC bills down, visit a site like