Maximizing Your Window Air Conditioning Units

Even in this day and age, many homeowners have at least one window air conditioning unit. It may be in that small room with no ductwork, or you may still not have central air in your home. Although central air generally offers better cooling, you can take steps to make your window unit more effective.


You may be reluctant to use a fan with your air conditioner, but you shouldn't be. Of course, they will use electricity, but so will a straining air conditioner. You can place a fan a few feet in front of the AC unit to help cool off a larger area in your home. If possible, you can set up other fans every 10 - 15 feet to help the air circulate even better if cooling the entire house is your goal. Once the house cools down, you can turn up the temperature on the unit and shut down a fan or two. Using this method helps you get maximum cooling from your window unit.

Limit Space

If possible, limit the space you are cooling. If you live alone or with a partner, you can shut off all but a room or two to maximize your air conditioning power. If you do not have doors to close off your rooms, consider getting expandable curtain rods for the doorways. You can then hang blankets or thermal curtains from the rods to keep the cold air contained. The temperature will be more comfortable and you will save money on your cooling bills.


Changing the filters on your AC should be a no-brainer, but you may put in a fresh one at the beginning of the season and neglect it the rest of the summer. You need to replace it at least once a month. Or, your AC unit may have a permanent filter that requires cleaning. You need to pull that filter out and wash it in mild soap at least several times a month. A dirty filter will keep your unit from cooling appropriately, and you will pay more in electricity for less cold air.

If you are using window units, you may yearn for central air. You can certainly consult with your HVAC expert like those at Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for an estimate on installing one in your home. However, you can still remain cool and comfortable with window units if you employ a few methods to maximize their cooling power. Keep them clean, use fans, and limit your space. You'll get through the summertime just fine.