Are AC Window Units Any Good?

AC window units are sold at just about any store, from supercenters to home improvement stores. They are extremely affordable, especially when compared to central AC systems. They are also very easy to install. But, they do have a number of limitations that you need to consider before making a purchase. This article explains how AC units work and should help you determine if they are right for your property.

Cheap and Easy to Install

The best things about window AC units is that they are accessible for just about anyone. All you need is a movable window that can be opened big enough for the unit to fit into. If you don't have a window that will fit a unit, don't even bother getting one. Otherwise, they are super convenient and affordable. For example, a 1,000 BTU unit will cost about $100. Furthermore, you can easily install it for free, as long as you are able to lift up. They are heavy, so be careful. The units will come with mounting brackets and screws, so all you really need is a power drill to handle the rest of the installation.

Powerful but Limited

If you are standing right next to an AC unit, it will probably feel really good. But, the airflow is often not very powerful as you get further away from the unit. Also, the unit will have to work hard, using more electricity, when it is hotter outside. Many people end up trying to increase the circulation by putting fans in front of the window unit. This works well, but it isn't going to greatly increase the strength or range of your AC system.

A Note On BTUs

A window AC unit will state the BTU rating right on the box. It should also include the size of the room that the unit can comfortably cool. You have to remember that these measurements are best case scenario and that they assume that the unit will be running all day. So, if a 1,000 BTU unit claims that it is meant for a room that is 20'x20', it might be technically true, but only on cooler days when the unit is running all day. That is, it will cool down such a big room, but it will be costly because of all the electricity you'll be using.

In conclusion, window AC units are useful, especially in small rooms. They just aren't great for large rooms or studios. Contact a company like A One Heating & Air Conditioning for more information and assistance.