Are Window Units The Most Efficient Way To Cool Your Home?

When it comes to air conditioning, perhaps the most affordable option is to invest in window units. Window AC units have a lot of advantages to make very popular among homeowners, especially those who have a limited budget or are renting the property. Obviously, window AC units have serious limitations that mean they aren't ideal for every home. This article explains when and where window AC units work best.


Home and apartment renters commonly invest in window units. Obviously, if you are just renting a property, you don't have the ability to install a central AC system. This would constitute a major renovation that is not only expensive, but the landlord would probably not approve of. So, if you're renting a property and need's one or more of your rooms to be cooler during the summer, window AC units could be the perfect solution.

Limited Budget

If you need to start cooling down your home a little more but have a limited budget, window AC units can be cost-efficient, Especially if you run them as little as possible. Since they are powered by electricity only, they can cause your bills to spike if you use them all the time. Just keep them on when you're actually in the room. The initial cost for window AC units is minimal. For less than 100 dollars, you can get a 1,000 BTU unit that will comfortably cool a 10' by 10' room. Also, you don't need to pay for any installation labor. The units are extremely easy to install, even though they can be quite heavy. Most units can be mounted within a sliding window fixture by just securing a couple of mounting screws.

Studio and Single Rooms

Window AC units do work very well in small properties. If you own a studio and just need to have air conditioning in one room, they can be the perfect option. They can efficiently cool down a small room very quickly. In such small homes, having a central AC system could even be wasteful, and your energy bills would be higher. In larger homes, central AC is usually more energy efficient, but the cost of the initial installation is very high.

In conclusion, window units are great for small properties, renters, and homeowners who can't afford a full central AC system. But, if you have a full-size home, you should consider central AC. Contact an air conditioners specialist for more information and assistance.