4 Signs Your HVAC System Requires Attention

A properly-functioning HVAC system is necessary during cold winter months and hot summer months. However, like any appliance, your system can fail. Unless you have the system repaired or replaced, you are wasting energy and money. Check out these four signs your HVAC system needs attention.

It Cycles Frequently

You've likely noticed your system doesn't run constantly. It runs for a short amount of time to cool or heat the house. Once the temperature starts to shift again, it turns on again. However, if your system is cycling on and off too often, it's not normal. This is common when the HVAC system is too big for the house. It cools or heats too quickly. While this may seem beneficial, it's not. It actually causes the system to wear down sooner.

It Just Isn't Effective

There can be many reasons your HVAC system isn't effective, which is why you need a repair technician to identify the problem. One common reason for an inefficient system is the size. In this case, however, the system is likely too small for your home, making it unable to reach the desired temperature. The problem may also be your ducts. Dirty ducts, ducts without insulation and ducts with gaps may affect the temperature of the air and how much reaches you.

It Constantly Fails

It's normal for any appliance to break down every now and then, including your HVAC system. However, if your system suddenly shuts off for no reason frequently or it breaks down frequently, you may need a repair to fix the problem. This is especially true if the system shuts off or breaks down during peak usage. A good HVAC system should be able to handle your home on even the hottest and coldest days without breaking.

It Smells or Sounds Strange

As you use your HVAC system, get familiar with the various sounds it makes. Some systems tend to run louder than others or may make different noises. However, if your system suddenly starts making new sounds, especially grinding or squeaking, there may be a problem. Musty or unpleasant odors are also a cause for concern as they may indicate mold.

If your HVAC system needs repairs or replacement, it isn't doing you any favors. Instead, it is simply draining your money. If you've noticed any of these signs, your system needs attention. For more information about HVAC repair, replacement or installation, contact an HVAC company like Air Controls.