Did Your Furnace Stop Blowing Heat?

If your furnace isn't working and you are without heat, there are different issues that may be causing this problem. It's best not to try to tear into the furnace on your own and to call a local furnace repair professional to see what is going on, especially since some furnace problems are very dangerous. Here are some common issues that furnaces have that will prevent them from producing the heat necessary to keep your house warm.

You Hear Multiple Clicking Noises

If you can hear clicking noises and the furnace  just won't turn on, the problem could be that the pilot light isn't lighting. This could be from:

  • Gas connection problems
  • Broken pilot
  • Gas leak

If you don't see a flame in the pilot chamber, this indicates that there is a problem with the pilot, and you will want to call a furnace repair professional right away to make sure that there isn't a dangerous gas problem in the home.

The Fan Isn't Blowing

When the furnace turns on you can often hear it because the fan, also known as the blower motor, turns on and starts pushing heat throughout the house. If the blower motor is broken and isn't propelling the fan, the heat probably isn't getting out of the furnace. The unit will have to be replaced to get the blower working again, and it can take time to get the part in if you don't have a common furnace, so call right away so you don't have to go a long time without heat.

You Smell Smoke

Turn the furnace off immediately if you smell smoke. This indicates that something is burning or on fire. It could be as simple as dust getting burned off inside the chambers of the furnace, or it could be something much more serious that could lead to a fire or explosion. If you smell fire, it can be best to call the furnace repair and the fire department to be safe.

The HVAC professionals will be able to come to your house and determine if you have an emergency situation or if your problem is fixable and doesn't need immediate evacuation of the home. Regular maintenance with your furnace can prevent some of the problems that occur and that leave you without heat when the weather is warm. Get the unit fixed and then schedule routine maintenance for the future to extend the life of your furnace.