4 Tips To Do Energy-Efficient AC Replacements Over The Winter Months

During the winter months, you may want to consider many different options for energy-efficient air conditioner upgrades. There are systems like ductless AC and high-velocity compact ducts that are more efficient than conventional air conditioners. Here are some tips to help you with AC replacement over the winter months that are more efficient and will help you save energy next summer:

1. Ductless AC Installation for More Efficient Home Cooling

One of the most efficient options you may want to consider when installing a new air conditioner is ductless ACs. Today, there are many options for ductless systems to provide your home with efficient air conditioning. If you need to have zoned air conditioning design, mini split systems are ideal for providing cooling for your entire home. They are also options for heat pumps that can provide your home with cooling as well as heating.

2. High-Velocity Ducts for an Efficient AC Solution for Renovations

High-velocity ducts are another option you may want to consider for efficient AC replacement. These are compact duct systems that are ideal for use in renovations and remodeling projects. If you are restoring an older home that has never had air conditioning, using high-velocity AC systems will provide the perfect solution for an efficient HVAC installation.

3. Combined Evaporative Cooling Systems for Efficiency in Dry Climates

Evaporative cooling systems are an option that you may want to consider if you're living in the area with dry summer weather. Today, there also combo evaporitic cooler systems that use conventional air conditioner designs when the humidity outside is too much for an evaporative cooler to cool your home efficiently.

4. Installing Modern Heat Pumps for an Efficient Solution for Heating and Cooling

Modern heat pumps are another option that you may want to consider for an AC installation this winter. Heat pumps work a lot like conventional forced air AC, but they are more efficient and can also be used for hitting your home and mildly cold weather. Installing a heat pump to replace your old and outdated air conditioner will help to make your cooling system more efficient and provide an energy-efficient solution for heating your home during the early winter months.

These are some of the energy-efficient AC options that you may want to consider four upgrading your air conditioner this winter. If you need help with air conditioning installation, contact an HVAC contractor and talk to them about some of these efficient options.