3 Important Points Of Maintenance For Your Central AC If You Have Indoor Pets

Your playful pup or precious kitty may be one of the most beloved members of the household, but if you do have an indoor pet in your home, it can mean you will have a little more maintenance and cleaning to do. Most cats and dogs naturally shed hair and dander from their skin, which can get into your central air conditioning system and cause problems with indoor air quality. To make sure you are not facing repercussions because you have your pets in the house, there are a few practical maintenance rules to keep in mind with your central AC. 

Clean out your return or intake vents regularly. 

to properly cool your home, the central AC system relies on a few return or intake vents scattered throughout your home. The purpose of these vents is to draw air into the system so it can be dehumidified and cooled and then recirculated back out into your house. If you have a lot of pet dander and hair flowing through the house, all of this can go through the intake vents and get caught along the way. About once a month or so, pull off the covers to these return vents and use your vacuum to clean out the area. 

Change your AC filter frequently. 

Changing the filter on your air conditioner is a simple and inexpensive maintenance task, but it is also one easily neglected. If you have pets in the house, you will naturally need to change the filter a little more often than usual. Buy the replacement filters in bulk if you can, and swap them out as soon as you start seeing hair or dust collected on the filter. Just this one simple thing will help keep the air flowing back out through the vents cleaner in spite of your furry family members. 

Clean the interior of your air conditioning unit occasionally. 

In addition to cleaning your intake vents and changing your filter, it is a good idea to have the interior of your air conditioning unit cleaned occasionally by a professional. This thorough cleaning can take place during an annual system checkup, and really does not take that long to do. During this process, the air conditioning professional may also take the time to clean out your ducts, which is another good way to eliminate any stray hair or pet dander that could be hanging around inside.