Problems With Your Air Conditioner's Condenser: Diagnostics And Repair

Your air conditioner has multiple parts. Some of the main parts include an evaporator and a condenser. The condenser takes hot gaseous vapors from the compressor (another major component in your A/C system) and rapidly cools the vapors into condensation. If the condenser is not working properly, then the rest of the parts in the air conditioner are not going to work either. Here is how HVAC technicians diagnose and repair problems with your air conditioner's condenser. 

The Fan Is Not Running

Most condensers are not just one part, but a set of smaller parts. The smaller parts include a fan that helps cool the vapors. If the fan is not running, it will be obvious to the air conditioning repair technician - as the fan makes a constant whirring and humming noise. All parts of the condenser work in tandem to function as a whole system, so it is important for the fan to be working. The technician will replace the fan and then run the unit to see if it is producing cooled air as expected. 

The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil inside the condenser is responsible for taking the condensed cooled vapors and expelling the cooled air that is returned to your home. The condenser creates the cooled watery vapor, but the evaporator is what transforms this watery stuff back into cooled air. If you are not getting a lot of cooled air in your home, or the unit runs and runs and there is no cooled air at all, then the evaporator is probably damaged. Frequently, the coil rusts with age, creating holes and eventually leaking refrigerant from the holes in the evaporator coil. Replacing the coil can eliminates these problems and help your air conditioner function normally again. 

Everything Contained Within the Condenser Is Shot

If your repair technician suspects that everything that makes up the condenser is shot, then they will have quite the repair job. The technician may have most of the parts in their truck, but if the unit is older than a decade, they may just suggest replacing the air conditioner entirely. The older the appliance, the more difficult and more costly the replacement parts will be to purchase. You might want to to put this thought on the back burner while your technician is diagnosing the problem to see how much is in need of repair.

For help diagnosing cooling issues, reach out to a qualified air conditioning repair contractor.