Repairing Your Home's Boiler Problems

Responding quickly to boiler issues can be the difference between keeping your home comfortable or allowing the temperature to drop extremely low. While a boiler can suffer a large range of problems, there are some that are far more likely than others, which may force you to hire a professional boiler repair contractor.

Patching Leaks

Leaks developing in the boiler is a significant problem as it will be able to contribute to the property suffer major damage due to the water leaking out as well as impairing the functionality of the boiler. Luckily, a boiler repair contractor may be able to patch your system's leaks as long as they are relatively small. Repairing this problem will also need to be a priority in order to prevent the boiler from becoming corroded. If corrosion is able to form, it may not be possible to patch the system due to the patching resin being unable to bond to the corroded portions.

Addressing A Gurgling Boiler

When the boiler system is running, a gurgling sound can be an alarming issue for your boiler to experience as this sound can be loud enough to be heard in adjacent rooms to the boiler system. The system lacking sufficient water to be able to function as designed is a common reason for this sound to occur. Repairing this problem will require you to address the reason for the decrease in the water pressure in the system. Often, a leak can be to blame for this problem, but it could also indicate an issue with the water intake line for the boiler.

Repairing A Faulty Pilot Light Or Burner

The pilot light and burner are critical components for your boiler as they will burn the fuel that generates the heat for this system. Problems with the pilot light will prevent the burner from being able to activate. A common problem for pilot lights can be residues collecting and preventing fuel from reaching the flame. As a result of the pilot light and burner serving critical roles in the functionality of the system, you should always leave repairs to these components to a technician that is trained to work on boiler systems. Otherwise, you could make mistakes during these repairs that could prevent the system from being able to burn enough fuel to generate the heat the system will require or that may contribute to excessive amounts of dangerous gases being released into the home.