3 Electrical Issues With Your AC That Can Mean Big Trouble!

The heat is on, and it's is almost that time of the year when you need your AC up and running in perfect condition. In fact, it is a necessity, and it's just too bad that so many things can go wrong with your AC's electrical system. It only takes one electrical glitch for your AC to turn a pleasant afternoon indoors into a sweatbox!

That said, how do you catch electrical problems early enough on such a piece of complex equipment? Here are three signs your AC is experiencing electrical issues.

1. AC Won't Go Off

The good news is your AC is working and blowing lots of air to cool down your home. The bad news is that it keeps running, even after reaching the desired temperature! If your thermostat is wired and working correctly, an AC that keeps running despite cooling to set temperatures has a problem with the controls.

A unit that keeps running after the temperature is reached without a drop in indoor temperature shows a problem in relaying electrical power to your unit's motor system. Stuck electrical relays prevent your unit from shutting down and require immediate repairs to avoid damaging the entire AC system.

2. Frost and Ice Development

Light ice and frost formation on your AC unit is common due to your unit's cooling process. That said, persistent ice and frost accumulation could indicate a problem with the power regulator.

This also applies when your unit is stuck in the 'on' position and operates at maximum capacity for an extended period. It could also mean that the compressor is still up and running after air quits flowing.

3. Overloading Circuit Breaker

It is important to note that a circuit breaker is installed as a safety measure to protect your unit from damage whenever it detects a power overload. You must avoid turning on your AC if the circuit breaker keeps tripping to prevent fire damage.

A repeatedly tripping circuit breaker could mean a problem with the circuit breaker itself or that your unit is overheating and drawing in more power than it is intended to handle.

You AC is one of the hard-working pieces of equipment in your home, seeing that it is tasked to maintain favorable indoor temperatures, even in brutal weather. If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, scheduling residential electrical services with a qualified and certified electrician near you is crucial to avoid the entire system's chronic failure. The contractor can quickly troubleshoot the part of your electrical system that needs rectifying and address the problem as soon as possible.

To learn more, contact an electrician.