4 Key Plumbing Service Roles in a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Are you looking to make your kitchen more functional with a remodeling project? It is one of the most valuable home improvement projects if you do it right. You cannot overlook the role of good plumbing in revamping the kitchen. Plumbing services are key to your remodeling project's success, from design to laying plumbing to go with the new floor plans. What role does a plumbing contractor play in kitchen remodeling?

Reviewing Design Plans 

How workable are your design plans from a plumbing point of view? The way your new fixtures are planned could alter the plumbing lines drastically. In addition, major rerouting of the plumbing lines can make the project significantly more expensive.

Involving plumbing services in the design phase ensures your altered floor plan will have functional plumbing. The plumber will also suggest the most efficient way to lay the plumbing to minimize the project's costs. It makes the design more coherent. 

Rerouting Gas and Plumbing Lines

Changing the wall and floor plans will need changing the kitchen's water, drain and gas lines. You will also need to supply new fixtures or appliances that use water or gas, for example, a second sink. 

Plumbing services will first ensure water and gas lines have been disconnected safely. They will then reroute these lines to follow the design plan, including making provisions for any additional appliances. 

Sink and Dishwasher Installation 

You need a good plumber to do proper relocation of the sink and dishwasher. These two fixtures can be a point of pain if done incorrectly because of water leaks. They could sabotage your new kitchen with mold and mildew infestation from the dampness. 

The plumbing services will lay the plumbing lines for these fixtures, including and work with the electrician to make provision for hot water faucets. In most cases, the sink and dishwasher are placed next to each other. The plumbing works becomes trickier if you have a different configuration or additional sink. That's why you need a professional plumbing contractor who can visualize and bring your design plans to work. 

Repairs and New Fixtures

A kitchen remodel is a good opportunity for plumbing repairs. For example, you could discover you have had a hidden leak. Local plumbing services can inspect the existing pipework and do repairs where necessary. You could also opt to replace plumbing fixtures, the sink and faucets being favorite targets of a remodel. It revamps your kitchen's look in a big way. 

Would you like to guarantee better success for your kitchen remodeling project? Talk to a plumbing contractor about your remodeling project.