3 Signs That You Need To Call A Heating Contractor For Furnace Repair Services

A furnace provides the warmth your family needs during the cold weather. You should not take this for granted since cold temperatures can affect your health and increase the chances of health problems. For that reason, you need to contact a heating services provider when you notice the warning signs below.

1. Cold Spots

Do some areas in your home feel warmer than others even after adjusting the thermostat? If yes, it means there's a faulty part affecting the furnace's ability to distribute heat evenly. In most cases, a problem with the ductwork is usually responsible for the cold spots. Fortunately, a heating contractor has what it takes to rectify airflow problems, and if you notify a furnace repair professional, it can be fixed.

2. Odd Sounds

There's no doubt that most furnaces make some sound when doing their job. Even so, alarming noises such as clanking, screeching, and banging indicate that all is not well. For instance, screeching suggests that the motor's bearing is worn out or out of place. Likewise, if the blower wheel is broken, you might notice a scraping noise.

If you detect a sound that seems out of the ordinary, then you need to contact a seasoned heating service expert. Otherwise, the problem may escalate and cause massive damage.

3. Unusual Smell

Furnaces tend to emit an odor when switched on after a long time. This results from burning debris, such as pet hair and dust, that has accumulated over time. In this case, there's no cause for alarm since the smell usually dissipates in a couple of minutes.

However, there might be something seriously wrong if the smell persists. For example, the air filter might be dirty, making the trapped contaminants airborne.

A faulty heat exchanger is another reason why furnaces emit unusual smells. As the name suggests, this device heats the air consistently, and the repeated heat cycles can make it crack. It might not take long before you detect a chemical smell when this happens. This may seem like a minor problem, but it may expose your loved ones to chemicals or carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, you need to call a heating contractor immediately before the gas spreads.

The need to take proper care of your furnace cannot be overstated. Thanks to a heating system, you can rest assured that your living space will always be warm regardless of the changes in outdoor temperatures. For that reason, it's prudent to contact a heating contractor when you notice any of these signs.