4 Things About Mini-Split Heating And Cooling Systems

Are you thinking of adding a mini-split heating and cooling system to your home, but not sure if it's the right option? Here is what you need to know about this unique type of HVAC system.

Mini-Split Systems Don't Require Ductwork

A common reason that homeowners seek out a mini-split system is because it does not require ductwork. It allows you to add heating and cooling to a room that would be difficult to extend your existing ductwork to, such as a recently built addition or a room that is just not comfortable. 

What makes a mini-split system a great choice is that it is easy to retrofit into an existing home. The installation is definitely something that you want done by a professional, since it will require running additional electrical and refrigerant lines for the system to work. However, it's possible to retrofit the system into an existing home because of the minimal requirements for the installation.

Mini-Split Systems Are Quiet

Many people look at the size of a mini-split system and assume that it is going to be as loud as a window air conditioner. Thankfully, mini-split systems are very quiet. There is an outdoor compressor that operates much like your central air conditioner's compressor, so the device in the room is not making all of the noise. 

Mini-Split Systems Offer Exact Temperature Control

Your mini-split system is going to have a thermostat that reads the temperature of the room. It allows you to have precise control over a room's temperature, so you don't have to worry about the mini-split system constantly running and wasting electricity. The thermostat also allows the room to feel comfortable, since it will set the temperature at the exact level that you want. 

One of the nice things about a mini-split system is that a single compressor can service multiple zones of your home. This allows multiple indoor heads to operate at the same time, each with their own controls over the temperature of the air. This is simply not possible with a forced air heating or cooling system, which produces air that travels through all of the ductwork in your home at the same time. 

Mini-Split Systems Can Be Installed At Any Time

Know that you can have a mini-split heating system installed at your home at any time of the year. You don't necessarily have to wait until the weather is warmer if you want to add heat to a room during the winter. While the cooling features cannot be tested in cold temperatures, the system can be ready to go for the spring when the weather gets warm again.