Replacing Your Home's Air Conditioning System

Whether you are needing to replace your air conditioning unit as a result of the system suffering significant malfunctions or simply in response to the system aging and suffering wear that is impairing its performance, replacing an air conditioning system can be a major project to undertake for your home's HVAC system.

Consider An AC Unit That Includes Air Filtration Capabilities

Maximizing the air quality in your home can be an important step for keeping your house a comfortable place to be while also minimizing your risk of allergies and other breathing problems. To this end, many modern air conditioning systems can utilize air filtration and purification attachments that will be capable of removing allergens and dust from the air in your home. While an air conditioning system that supports a high-quality purification system can be a more costly option, the long-term benefits of having good air quality in the home can make it a good option for both individuals with respiratory issues and those simply wanting clean air in their homes.

Be Prepared To Oversee The Disposal Of The Previous Air Conditioning Unit

As part of the replacement process, your previous air conditioning system will have to be removed. In addition to this being a laborious process, it can also require some specialized disposal solutions. More specifically, this is needed due to the hazardous refrigerants that may be inside the unit. If these chemicals are able to leak out onto the ground, they could seep into groundwater sources, which could cause severe contamination. As a result, individuals will be required to ensure that these substances are properly disposed of when their old air conditioning system is hauled away. Some HVAC contractors may be able to handle the disposal of their clients' previous units, but this is not always the case. In these situations, the homeowner may need to hire a junk removal service that is capable of safely handling air conditioning units.  

Have The Ducting Cleaned After The New Air Conditioning Unit Has Been Installed

After you have the new air conditioning system installed, there can be benefits to having the ducting in the home cleaned relatively soon after. This type of cleaning can remove the dust or dirt that may have accumulated over the years. However, it can also eliminate any dust or other substances that may have entered the system during the replacement process. Luckily, duct cleaning is not a very lengthy process to have done, which can make it a convenient service to use. 

For more information about air conditioning installation, contact a local company.