Is Your Air Conditioner Faulty? Find Out

An AC is necessary for indoor comfort when heat waves are prevalent. Hence, arriving home only to find your AC malfunctioning is not very pleasant. In most cases, this can occur due to the cooling unit incurring wear over time, reducing its capacity. As a result, you may notice weak airflow from the vents, creating an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere. Thus, you should hire an AC system repair expert to examine the malfunctioning components. They will assess the problem and fix it for peak functionality. The following are signs your AC is faulty.

Weird Sounds

An AC will produce low operating sounds, such as a steady blowing noise when air travels through ducts. However, you could be dealing with a malfunction if these sounds escalate into loud noises. For example, you will hear a hissing noise when the refrigerant leaks from the line set and a grinding noise when the motor runs out of lubrication. On the other hand, a rattling noise from the outdoor unit indicates loose components or debris inside the condenser. Therefore, you should employ AC repair services to diagnose and remedy the cause of the malfunction for a less-disruptive operation.

Uneven Cooling

If you notice uneven distribution of cool air in your home, your AC unit is due for repair. This may result from the contaminants clogging filters and restricting airflow. Moreover, dust can accumulate in the ducts and vents if you fail to service your unit, resulting in weak airflow. Alternatively, ducts may spring leaks due to pest damage, causing inconsistent temperatures. Thus, you must clean your AC system for proper airflow through the ducts and help maintain consistent indoor temperatures.

Bad Odors

A bad odor when your cooling unit is operating indicates a defective component. For instance, a rotten egg smell indicates a leak in your gas lines near the air ducts. Furthermore, an electrical malfunction can melt the wiring insulation, leading to an acrid burning smell. On the other hand, you may notice a faint burning smell when dust burns off after a period of inactivity.

A Rise in Energy Bills

Holes in your ductwork can leak air into unconditioned spaces, leading to uneven cooling. As a result, your AC will find it harder to maintain comfortable conditions, making it run constantly. Additionally, clogged filters impede airflow, causing the AC to run in overdrive to draw sufficient air for cooling. As such, your cooling unit will consume more energy, increasing your cooling expenses.

Air conditioner malfunctions hinder performance, creating discomfort in your home. Thus, you should schedule immediate AC system repairs to ensure all components work as needed.