Are Window Units The Most Efficient Way To Cool Your Home?

When it comes to air conditioning, perhaps the most affordable option is to invest in window units. Window AC units have a lot of advantages to make very popular among homeowners, especially those who have a limited budget or are renting the property. Obviously, window AC units have serious limitations that mean they aren't ideal for every home. This article explains when and where window AC units work best. Renters

Are AC Window Units Any Good?

AC window units are sold at just about any store, from supercenters to home improvement stores. They are extremely affordable, especially when compared to central AC systems. They are also very easy to install. But, they do have a number of limitations that you need to consider before making a purchase. This article explains how AC units work and should help you determine if they are right for your property.

Stench In Your Vents? 3 Common HVAC Odors And How To Deal

The past few weeks, you have cleaned and deodorized your house from top to bottom. Now, you are starting to think that the foul odor you smell might be something far more sinister than your teenager's gym socks that you found under the couch. At some point, almost every HVAC unit puts off an odor, and being able to recognize these three stenches will help you figure out the best way to restore your home's usual lovely ambiance.