3 Electrical Issues With Your AC That Can Mean Big Trouble!

The heat is on, and it's is almost that time of the year when you need your AC up and running in perfect condition. In fact, it is a necessity, and it's just too bad that so many things can go wrong with your AC's electrical system. It only takes one electrical glitch for your AC to turn a pleasant afternoon indoors into a sweatbox! That said, how do you catch electrical problems early enough on such a piece of complex equipment?

Common Reasons Why You're Having Furnace Problems

Did you notice that the temperature in your home started to drop, only to discover that the furnace is no longer working as intended?  It helps to know some common reasons why furnaces can break down and stop producing heat. Faulty Thermostat The easiest place to start is the thermostat since fixing a broken thermostat is an easy fix if that is what is wrong.  Check to make sure that the thermostat is getting power and capable of communicating with the furnace.

Faulty Furnace Fan? Possible Repair Issues To Consider

While creating heat from electricity, heating oil, propane, natural gas, coal or wood is the main job of the home furnace, it must also be able to move the heat it produces to where it is needed. Older homes were often designed with a compact footprint, multiple stories, and a system of grates and vents to allow heat to rise naturally from the basement or ground-floor level to rooms on upper levels.